Q: How do I register for an exam?

A: External Examinations (Cambridge International Assessment Examinations): These are the official international examinations registered and written offsite whereby the results are collated towards their matric qualification. Each subject is written and registered for separately.


  1. We are a private learning centre / tutoring centre and are NOT registered or affiliated with Cambridge International in any way. Students are classified as Private Candidates in terms of the Cambridge International Organisation.
  2. Cambridge International Assessment Examination series are held twice a year, in May/June and again Oct/Nov. (Except for Afrikaans, candidates can only write in the November session)
  3. Students will register and write their Cambridge International Assessment Examinations at registered Cambridge Examination centres. Visit this page to view centres >>>>Insert link>>>>https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/why-choose-us/find-a-cambridge-school/
  4. The responsibility to register for the Cambridge International Examinations remain that of the Candidate and or Parent / Guardian who will need to complete the registration process as per the requirements of the CIE Centre.
  5. The deadline for registration for a CIAE is approximately 6 months prior to the exam session. Therefore, it is important for students to have finished the syllabus and ideally have 6 months of revision.
  6. Candidates will only be endorsed by their subject tutor to write their CIAE if the following applies: 

a) Candidate is achieving and maintaining an average of at least 60%,
b) Has a mature and committed attitude and a good work ethic,
c) Has completed or almost completed the syllabus of the subject.

Q: What is the responsibility of the teacher?

A: Our teachers work remotely and are responsible for overseeing and managing student learning. They will provide instruction, guidance, and support, they will track academic progress by evaluating student work and providing constant feedback.

Q what is the role of the Hub Administrator?

A: The HUB Administrator oversees students within the hub. They are responsible for emotional support and will check in with their students regularly. They are also responsible for organising social events and meet-ups so that our online students can meet like-minded students in their area.

Q: What is the role of the parent/responsible adult?

A: Teachers agree that strong parental involvement academically benefits the child. As a parent/responsible adult, you are encouraged to take an active role in your child’s education. Work closely with them and contact your hub administrator or relevant teacher if you have any concerns.

Q: How do I know which subjects to select?

A: Your choice of what to study is very important. Our team of education consultants will happily advise you on the best route for you to take. Book a time to chat with them now! (Make this a link)

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: Not at all! You will clearly see the fees when selecting your choice of subjects as well as the required registration fee.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: Currently our only payment options are EFT / bank transfer / direct debit.

Q: Does South Africa recognise Cambridge qualifications?

A: Yes. The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level is the same as a South African Grade 12(Matric). It’s also recognised by the SA Matriculation Board (UMALUSI) as the equivalent of Senior Certificate subjects (NQF4), which you’ll need to get into university.

Q: What equipment/software do I require to attend school at Why Online?

A: You will require

– a laptop/desktop with at least: a processor of 2+ GHZ processor, a working webcam and microphone are essential and 4+ Gigs of RAM.

– a printer is not essential but is recommended

– an internet connection with at least 10 Mbps+ download speed & 2 Mbps upload speed.

– access to lessons and course material will be through a web browser.

Q: Are you accredited with the department of education?

A: Homeschooling is a legally recognised alternative to traditional schooling. For Grades 7 to 9 parents are required to register their children as homeschooled with their Provincial Department of Education.

Q: Examination Centre fees?

A: Please find specific fee rates by contacting your nearest Cambridge examination centre.

Q: What can I expect?

-Teaching: Online students will be able to listen and gain all the content during the lesson. We only offer 1 hour, per subject, per week, irrelevant of the Level (IGCSE/AS/A).

-Testing: Online students will follow their subject module provided and will submit tests/assignments accordingly. Work submission is done via a learner management system. The student will be required communicate via the learner management system and send containing scanned/ high resolution images of their work for submission. Mock Exams will be administered at the end of the subject course only.

-Feedback: Marked work and feedback will be sent back within 5 working days of receipt via the learner management system. Feedback/corrections will be noted on test/assessments as corrections.

-Guidance: Basic subject change/drop. Assistance with concerns and queries.

Q: What about online bullying?

We have a zero-tolerance policy to online bullying and perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

Q: Where is Why Online School situated?

We are situated in cape Town, and currently we have Hubs spread throughout South Africa. Our teachers and students are spread across the globe.

Q: Are all classes live/interactive lessons?

Yes, unless the teacher has specifically indicated that a lesson will be pre-recorded.

Q: How do learners complete their practical exams?

There are various options, the relevant teacher will guide your child through this process.

Q: If my child is going to miss a deadline for a task, what must I do?

Students will receive their schedules of work at the start of a semester. All due dates are clearly laid out and your child should plan in advance so as to meet these deadlines. However, if there is a legitimate reason for your child not being able to meet the deadline, you may email the relevant teacher or your hub administrator. This communication must happen before the task is due or at least on the day of. It is at the discretion of the teacher as to whether an extension will be granted.

Q: If my child missed a lesson, how will they catch up?

All lessons are recorded for a limited time. To view the recording, go to the relevant course and select Zoom from the menu. You will find all the lessons under Previous Meetings. Should your child miss lessons due to load shedding, they should inbox the relevant teachers to inform them.

Q: Who do I tell if my child is sick and cannot attained lessons for the day?

You may email the relevant teachers or your hub administrator. If your child is sick for an extended period, please send a doctor’s note to ask@whyonlineschool.com

Q: What will happen if there is load shedding?

Our teachers are required to have two alternate locations for presenting lessons in case of load shedding. If these options do not work out, then the teacher will put an announcement up on our LMS and a pre-recorded lesson will be loaded as soon as possible.


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